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Discover yourself! Reconnect with your heart! – My Journey towards Kargil

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Discover yourself. Reconnect with your heart. This place will fill your heart with love for those who sacrificed their lives for the well being of people of the country. The serenity in the ambience speaks on its own about their honesty. The place that then made me realize that people under the same sky can live with an altogether different goal. Here is one, who is dying to live for self and the other who is living to die for others. I do hats off to such emotions that exist among people.

Sandstone Wall of Soldiers who died in War - Kargil War Memorial

With not much aware of the offerings the place and nature is going to bestow us, we headed straight towards Kargil from Srinagar. This post is all about my exciting journey to Kargil after we were done with Srinagar. Until the Srinagar effect, there was greenery all around. The valleys of Kashmir proved right to be a paradise on earth. And I bet that this paradise has no limit if you continue to travel further. No doubt we made the right choice to complete our journey till Leh - Ladkah and return via Sarchu and then Manali, otherwise we would have witnessed only the limited paradise.   

The more we were travelling towards Kargil, more we were realizing the change in shades of valleys. We left empty handed to let nature show us all its form and thus we can’t say NO to any of its offerings.

A Short Stay in SONMARG on the Way

The local houses and markets were vanishing from the view as we were moving ahead to our destination out of Srinagar. The Kashmir Valleys confronted us or shall I say the Paradise on Earth opened its arms to let us breathe in there. It was all fresh. The Air was so damn fresh. The road with the green hills sideways and a small river below it converted the childhood story book images into reality. The landscape was all changed for the better and there we were at the spot. SONMARG.

Srinagar - kargil road

We parked the car somewhere at the corner on the hillside. It was not just one time. We could not stop ourselves from clicking with the utmost beautiful nature all around us. We made a halt at more than 10 stops I guess. It was uncountable and our excitement was non judgmental too. The place is incomparably beautiful and I wish if I could be there for hours admiring its beauty.

Srinagar - Kargil Road

What Kargil offered us was awestruck??

Now is the time to continually climb up the never ending rocky hills. After moving further from Sonmarg we had to straight make our way to Kargil. We had a target to reach by the evening so that we can search for some nice place to stay in for that night. Climbing up to the rocky hills in the Himalayan ranges as we were moving ahead was somehow scary and exciting. The view was awestruck but the move was dangerous. Yuhuuu.

Srinagar to Kargil on Road

We could see some green board from the car itself. Approaching nearby it was written’ You are at Zojila Altitude’.  It was kind of achievement in itself. We were finally at Zojila Pass. It is the second highest mountain Pass. Wow.  We could see ice on top of the hills all around us but the roads were clean and dry, which means the ice had melted away.  Green hilly land below the icy rocky hills and a single road among-st all this is one of the terrific views worth watching and getting yourself clicked. Cool winds were flashing through our faces even though the atmosphere was sunny, this is the Himalayan Region. Always Cool and Calm.

Zojilla Pass 

Moving little Ahead, on the valley of Zojila is located Zojila War Memorial I the remembrance of soldiers who sacrificed their lives during war with Pakistan. This place is a kind of testimony to Indian Army when they recaptured Zojila.

Zojila War Memorial

Zojila Memorial

Being on Valley is an altogether different experience and fun. This silent beautiful place has lots of tale to tell. It is far away from chaos of city life, horns of the vehicles or dust all around. There is a voice of the cold wind flowing and passing through our faces. River flowing on one side of the valley has got one of the best voices on earth. Why the hell we are deprived of such views in our day to day lives?? Ha Ha. Undoubtedly, so we need to cherish and understand its importance.

Srinagar to Kargil on road

 Kargil War Memorial is located at the foothill of Tololing hill on Srinagar- Leh highway road at a distance of around 50 kilometers from Zojilla Pass and is built by Indian Army. This War Memorial is open throughout the year from 7 AM to 8 PM. And there is no entry fee for the same. This is one of the must to visit place while on the visit to Kargil that will surely evoke the feeling of nationalism and patriotism. There is one memorial house too that describes the major events of the war with pictures. We did went in there and left one message note there saluting the bravery of our soldiers. There also exist Sandstone wall where the name of all soldiers who died are inscribed.  One of Soldier there narrated the story of the entire War and the pride of being part of Indian Army was quite evident from his voice.  The place is also well maintained and neat and clean.

Kargil War Memorial

Kargil War Memorial

The greenery all around us while we were around in the area of Kashmir valley, was now slowly changing their shades to rocky and sandy hills. Howsoever the landscape was changing its color, it was immensely beautiful. We got to see varied color of nature which was different from the green paradise of Kashmir Valleys. Another paradise truly exists and we are the eyewitness for the same.

Srinagar to Kargil on Road

Place to Stay In Kargil

Before it could get dark in the evening we entered the local residential area of Kargil. Just at the entry we got one decent guest house to stay in. They had their personal garage for their guests to park vehicle. We didn’t book any hotel beforehand because we were on road trip where you are never on strict timelines. So on which day we were going to reach Kargil was not quite specific.

We parked the car over there and the people there helped us in taking our luggage to the rooms. The house was located at the perfect location. We could see the river flowing down the rocky hill in front of us. It was kind of heavenly beautiful. We had just aimed for such house in our dreams sometimes.
At night we cooked food for us all in their kitchen and the kind people let us use all their utensils. We shopped for the required raw materials from the nearby market. They even helped us in cooking. In the morning too, we prepared meals for us at house and had friendly conversation with the local people there. These people are very nice and educated too. I really appreciate their will power.
Valley View on Srinagar - Kargil Road

Later after leaving the house we moved further to our destination LEH admiring the beauty of Kargil. Lots of valleys were encountered on the way. One of famous is Suru Valley which is connected by Leh on road. The valley will offer you with the best view of large Rocky Mountains on one side and green fields on other. Hence it is one of major tourist attraction.

We had yet not reached the actual destination that we were longing for, from so many days. We were surely moving around in some heaven. The valleys of Kashmir proved right to be a paradise on earth. And I bet that this paradise has no limit if you continue to travel further

NitSa - at Srinagar Kargil Road

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