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Backwater that Redefines Alleppey & Deshadan Backwater Resort

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I wonder why the grass is green; I wonder why the water is blue!!
Put that all in the sea and yes, it is so true!!

Actually ‘Water’ is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Alleppey. Recapitulating what all I did in Alleppey is everything in terms of water. It includes Houseboat, Fishing Net, Rice Plantation, Backwaters, Lakes, Cruise and many more. Though not having many places to visit, Alleppey comes with its unique appearance and significance in showcasing its utmost beauty and pride of being a water world.

Backwater World Alleppey
It was the time when we were heading from Thekkady to Alleppey early in the morning. Alleppey gifted with the natural beauty is also known as Alappuzha and is listed as one of the important tourist destination in India. Alleppey is famous for its Backwaters where one can go for a cruise ride and for its Alappuzha Beach.

Why I focus on early departure in Kerala is also pointed in my post of Thekkady. (Posting it over here too)

It is advisable especially on the trip to Kerala, to leave early in the morning for your next destination. This is because every next destination is approximately at a distance of 130 kilometers. This way you can help yourself to avoid traffic and get maximum time for sightseeing purpose.
One more point to be aware of in advance about Kerala is that Kerala has no Night Life.

Mode of Transport for Kerala Tourism

Kerala tourism consists of states including Munnar, Alleppey, Thekkady, Kovalam and Kanyakumari to be the main points of interest. All these states are located at a distance of minimum 150 kilometers from each other. In such case, you need to hire a taxi. The concept of Kerala tourism says that this taxi along with driver will stay with the guest for the entire tour. The driver has got expertise in all the sightseeing places in Kerala. He will be responsible for your entire tour and sightseeing.

About Service of Kottayam Taxi

Driver with us (Sharman is his name) was really an expert and was aware of all the places that could interest us. He was able to speak in English that too in South Indian Style. Hindi language is not their cup of tea. Still Sharman was showing keen interest in learning Hindi. We got friends with him on the way itself. He used to carry a notebook with him all the time. He has a habit of noting down Hindi words and their meanings in English and Malayalam (south Indian Language) in order to learn and remember.

My Journey from Thekkady to Alleppey

We were ready with our luggage in our Taxi where Sharman was there with us for all necessary help. By this time, Sharman and we were quite comfortable with each other. As the journey started nature showed its color. The beauty is such that it didn’t let us feel bore in any way. Variations and colors of nature were keeping us fresh and alive. I was overwhelmed by being just the recipient of Nature.
Reaching Alleppey from Thekkady might take us few hours but the entire way is not less than any tourist spot. Kerala is master in providing you with the nature in its most raw form.

Valanjanganam Waterfalls also known as Ninnumullippara was encountered at a distance of approximately 40 kilometers after we left from Cardamom County Resort in Thekkady. It is situated near Kuttikkanam, Kerala on the highway in Thekkady – Alleppey route. This is considered to be the best place for drivers and the tourists to freshen up on the midway with some tea & snacks. Sharman stopped the car at the Waterfall and got indulged with us in capturing the beauty. While he was narrating about the Waterfall and other related facts, I was utilizing the moment by feeling the surroundings.

Valanjanganam Waterfalls - Thekkady- Alleppey Route
Tea Estate view though started on the way from Cochin to Munnar itself and the count is endless. It seems the land of Kerala is all equipped with tea plants. The way this plantation is done left a remarkable impression on us. I can say tea plantation adds on to the scenic beauty of Munnar. 
Sharman stopped car at one of the estates on the way. Plantation in the form of terrace was just mesmerizing. Every branch is cut in a way to give fancy look to the entire garden. The weather was cool and romantic at the same time, even though it was the month of June.  I wanted to keep on walking all the way to Garden. It seems there is no limit and I can just hide myself inside in order to witness what more nature has to gift me.

You can read about my experience on Tea Plantation in my previous posts on Munnar and Thekkady.

Rubber Plantation for which India is known to be the third largest producer, Kerala is the largest state of rubber producer. Kottayam is also known as ‘Land of Latex’ district of Kerala. The climate and nature best suited for rubber plantation is found in Kerala. Rubber is widely used worldwide in many forms. It is also said that Coconut Plantation in Kerala is somehow taken over by Rubber Plantation now. This is majorly because of widespread increase in number of Cars and vehicles.

It takes years for Rubber to grow and cultivate. The trunk of the tree is cut off with sharp tool in order to collect natural latex in liquid form. This liquid comes out in the form of tear and is collected in the containers (covered with blue) tied up with the tree as can be clearly seen in the image below.

Runner Plantation - Alleppey
As we stepped in to the estate, Sharman asked the farmer to show us the latex coming out of the tree. I could feel the happiness from the face of the Farmer. He was feeling proud to showcase his efforts. His efforts in producing rubber regardless of any climate, is worth appreciating. He brought his tool and put a cut on the trunk of the tree where the containers are already tied so that each drop of latex can be collected safely. It was Wow. I would again say that The Nature has a lot to Offer. This experience is again a part of it.  

Coconut Plantation is yet another cultivation which plays an important role in economy of the state. In fact the state is named after the word ‘Coconut’ (because the word ‘Kera’ means Coconut Tree). Coconut is used widely in many forms in the state in making baskets, doormats, hair oil and is also used in many Kerala Dishes.

Coconut Trees - Alleppey
Coconut is something which is used on daily basis in the state of Kerala. People have cultivated their personal Coconut Plantation also in their respective areas. This is truly amazing. I also got to see few of its Plantation when we were on the way to Sharman’s home place.

Visit to Local Area to Meet Local People

Yeah. You are guessing it right. We went to meet the local people on this trip to Kerala. This meeting is actually an eye opener for all the visitors which let you gain knowledge about living of the people of Kerala.  

It was again Sharman who wanted us to meet his family. He wanted to show the society he lives in, his daughter, his wife, parents and his dear pet ‘Squirrel’. It also started raining that day in Alleppey, Kerala.

The best part which I liked the most about Kottayam Taxi is that Sharman was carrying an extra umbrella with him in his car for the guests if stuck somewhere in the rain.

Though we were carrying an umbrella with us too but this gesture of Sharman made me feel great. After few of the sightseeing and chit chatting with Sharman we have reached his native place. He parked his car somewhere outside and we three started walking all the way with umbrella in our hand.  Entirely a village experience and water logged due to heavy rain. Excited we were moving on to the thin pavement with all the beautiful huts around, as we had seen in our books in childhood. 

After a walk of approximately 5 to 10 minutes Sharman excitedly raised his hand showing his house.
Observing everything around me, I was slowly moving inside his house with Nitin. Sharman called up the name of his pet ‘Squirrel’, the very first moment he entered his house. I got confirmed now that Sharman loves his Squirrel the most. Then he called up his wife and introduces us to her. By the time Squirrel started to play with Sharman. Their love and bond with each other is now quite visible. It was my first time watching squirrel as a pet. Love between Sharman and his wife was also no less. Happiness to see each other after so many days was quite visible.

Localities of Alleppey
By the time his daughter has returned from her school and we got the chance to meet that lovely child. I also did not lose the opportunity to taste the tea made by local people in their houses. It was an Amazing Green Tea. We spent almost an hour at his house and before moving ahead with our journey, he also took us to the adjacent hut where his parents live in. It was great meeting these people with a smile on their faces.

Rice Cultivation in Kerala is yet another economic booster for the state. The best part about the rice cultivation is the way it is done. I am saying this because once on the way we approached a lake and asked Sharman to stop the car. While we were praising the beauty of the lake and view all around, Sharman interrupted and told us that it was actually the Rice Estate. Ha-ha. That moment was super shocking.

Rice Cultivation in Alleppey

Actually the rice are grown this way by immersing them deeply in to the water. The land area used for Rice Cultivation is also very large, hence gave us the perception of lake.

My Destination stay is now about to arrive after all the fun and sightseeing on the way.  The resort is located exactly on the Poojaveli Temple Road. I am mentioning this because we got little stuck in searching the resort. It is located inside the village area of Kayipuram in Allappuzha. Number of Sign boards showcasing the way to resort needs to be increased and the poster size needs to be enlarged as per my view.

The wait was worth it when we were making entry to the resort. The location and surrounding are all up to the mark. We were actually in to the best of nature. Proper parking space was available for our Car. Reception was quite cool. They asked us to be seated on the Sofa while they were arranging for our entry to our room. After all the necessary verification, we were accompanied by one of the host to show us the way to our rooms.

I like the concept of Separate Cottage on the name of each room. I loved the interiors of the entire resort and the rooms too. Rooms are spacious with all necessary items available. Exterior as already mentioned is just heaven.  They deserve 10 on 10 in terms of greenery. The Resort is located on the bank of the Backwater, which adds on to the view of the Resort.

Cottage Rooms in Deshadan Backwater Resort
Dining area of the resort is very soothing and romantic. It is constructed on a small pond inside the resort making it perfect for a honeymoon couple. Perfect Candle light Dinner experience with soothing lights and surrounding made my night. There is one recreational room too for visitors to enjoy games in free time. I and Nitin, had fun time playing Tennis after Dinner in the evening.

View of Chinese Finishing Net was worth watching at the bank of Backwater. The view for sure will relax your soul and mind. Swimming pool adjacent to Backwater Area was Nitin’s favorite, because Nitin is fond of Swimming. This is exactly also the Sunrise Points. I should instead say thatDeshadan Backwater Resort in itself is a tourist spot or a sightseeing place of Alleppey.

Chinese Fishing Net in Backwater at Deshadan Backwater Resort

More Things to Do in Alleppey

Cruise Ride (also can be called as Shikara Ride) is one major attraction when it comes to Alleppey. Shikara is a motorized luxurious boat which has got its roof covered and sides open. It comes with varying seating capacity from four to twelve. This Cruise travels through narrow canals of backwater giving you the view of village of Kerala. The boat is narrow enough to easily travel through the canals unlike the big size houseboats of Alleppey. We were able to access the inaccessible areas of the village with the help of Shikara.

I recommend getting your cruise pre booked for the early morning ride. In such case you will get the pickup and drop from your accommodation in Alleppey as complimentary.

There are three timings available for Cruising which are mentioned below.

a.      Early morning 6 AM – approximately cruises for 3 hours
b.      Day Cruise 10 AM – gives ride for around 5 hours
c.       Sunset Cruise 4:00 PM – this cruise is also set for 3 hours of ride

We opted for early morning ride as suggested where we enjoyed the sunrise, cool morning breeze and the flora and fauna. The experience is truly speechless and different.

Though Alleppey is famous for its houseboat stay, but I opted for staying in a resort or hotel and go for a cruise ride instead of Houseboat Stay. This is basically because I didn’t want to bind myself to houseboat for the entire day and not able to explore the local area or market of the city. I also didn’t want to increase my budget by extending my stay for 2 days in Alleppey for local sightseeing.

So I preferred going for a Cruise ride.

Chosing for Resort Instead of Houseboat in Alleppey
Allappuhza Beach is one of the fantabulous place I found and place well suited for evening time. The beach is quite clean and big. One children park is also there on the beach for kids to have gala time. This Beach is the nearest to the city just 2 Kilometers apart. I just love beaches and the ambience all around, so I anyhow had to visit this place. I loved the sound of the waves and the cool breeze.

Beach in Alleppey

Kerala left no chance in providing me with numerous romantic moments. I am in love with Kerala. Sharman was there to take us to all the places we had to visit.

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