Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Leh Journey - An Untold Story

This is a much awaited journey; Want to go on this trip from last 10 years (Leh & Ladakh). One of the most beautiful and amazing beauty, nature has created.

To my surprise I am starting this journey with my Family (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sapna and me). We had already taken a long break of 12 days from our hectic schedule at end of September (Off season in Himalayas) and started preparing for the same. As it is a road trip (Delhi – Srinagar – Kargil – Leh –Sarchu- Manali – Delhi) we have to be prepared in advance.

We hired self driven car from “Zoom Car” – Scorpio (only 5000 Km on RPM). It was my first experience with them but now i can say they provide a great service. Scorpio is a smooth and comfortable ride on a long run. (Always take precaution that Zoom Car is a commercial vehicle and you have to pay state tax when entering a state. Haryana had highest tax – Rs.3000 on our route)

Road side view on Srinagar Road - Jammu

 Me and my father both are good at driving and have quite well experience on long route driving, it proves to be an additional advantage on such a long route. (Always go with at least 2 drivers on such a long trip). Due to shortage of time we planned to make a stretch from Delhi to Srinagar (Approx – 850 Km) in a single run, which is quite tiring and a 24 Hours journey.

We started at 7:00 P.M and reached Srinagar next day at around 9:00 P.M.

As there is nothing to see before Srinagar and we are short of time. Otherwise I would prefer to take one stop in between near Jammu or go to Patnitop.

There were towns and city life before Jammu and scene started to change after Jammu. Small hills and small villages started to appear. Our speed gradually decreases due to narrow and hilly roads. The road after Jammu (Stretch of 50 Km) is really dangerous, bad condition of road with deep valley. But somehow we managed and reached our destination (Srinagar) as scheduled.

We only booked our hotels for Srinagar (Sarovar Portico – Check the hotel) prior to our trip as we are not sure how many days we will spend at one destination.