Wednesday, July 6, 2016

White Sand with Tents - Rishikesh

Camp site on river Ganga - Rishikesh
As soon as we crossed Haridwar, landscape changed and planes were converted into high hills. I am always fond of driving in hilly areas.

I told my father  “let me drive now”. As i took driver seat, road begin to curve like snake and car is going on a average speed of 40km/hr. After around a Hour of drive, we started searching for campsite which we had already booked with (Red Chilli tours travels).

On right hand side of road there were hundreds of campsite and at around shivpuri, we got what we are looking for(Our campsite).

We park on main road and wend down around 1 Km till bank of Ganga river. It is more of a trekking rather a walk on road. I think its also a fun when you are going for a adventure. So i don’t mind going through the trouble.

To my surprise it is a place with no electricity and no comfort at all. We were allotted tents and a lantern but the white beach sand, cool air with river just meters away. What more can i ask for.
Night on beach - Rishikesh

At evening we were served with snacks and tea, which is very good as per the resources available with the staff.

I am not able to recall how the night spends just watching bright stars and laying on sand, far from the crowded city. We never went inside our tents, as nature has provided us with a beautiful cover.

We spend our night without knowing what fear is, that we are going to experience very next day.

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